Sunday, April 14, 2013


Life is weird..and fun..and not so fun..and really amazing.

I'm still not sure how I feel about my new job.  I don't think any co worker enjoys working there so I'm not sure how I can.  I feel like it's a job.  I finally got my first paycheck and it made me feel a little better about things financially but we're treading lightly.

We still have a way to go.  So far we still have the house and cars so that's good news.  We've gotten pretty crafty at meals and how to amp up the cool factor in the back yard since we plan on treading lightly for most of the year. 

We have been feeling really lucky.  When things get really tough, good things just seem to happen.  Out of the blue.  For no reason.  I'm not going to look any gift horse in the mouth.  I feel so grateful to the universe for looking out for us.

Here is the only thing that I'm not feeling so lucky about.  Vacations. 

We like taking trips.  We like seeing and experiencing new things.  Because of the state of our bank account we're doing things a little differently this year.  We have decided to try camping.  I have not been camping since I was little.  Every single experience and memory I have of camping is terrible.  I HATED going when I was little.  I was the one that always ended up hurt, covered in poison ivy, covered in bug bites, woken up in a pool of water because the tent name it.  I can't recall any good camping trips.

I'm taking those memories and turning them around.  I will have a few in air mattresses for me and the husband and the kids will get cots for cheaper than sleeping bags. 

We've booked our first camping trip for Memorial Day weekend for a whopping $18 a night.  That's cheap right? Let's just hope that we can live through two nights in a tent and have at least a few minutes of fun while we're at it.

All of our vacations have been great experiences.  My kids, 99% of the time, have so much fun and turn into best friends when we're off to new places and seeing new things.  I can't let those go just because we're broke.  I love those moments with my family.

If it weren't for Pinterest I would be lost trying to figure out what to do to make us WANT to hang out in our back yard or make our camping trips cool.  Let's just say I have a few projects sitting on the burners and I hope I have the time and energy to get them done. I'm glad there are so many crafty and imaginative people in the world.  I am not one of them.  I can get inspiration and ideas from others, I can copy a lot of stuff but to stare at an empty wine bottle and think "Man oh, man the things I could do with that!!" is not what I can do.  I stare at an empty wine bottle and think "Man oh, man..I need a nap" if it's right after it's been emptied or I think it means a trip to the recycle plant.  I'm not a creative person by nature.  If it weren't for the fabulous thoughts of other people I would be miserable about the state we're in having to stay home for the summer instead of hopeful and thinking we will actually enjoy ourselves. 

In other news, we are both ready to move out of Michigan.  There is nothing holding us here, except this damn house.  We're going to finish up a couple of things we have going on and then we're listing it no matter what.  I'm guessing we'll have to go for a short sale if the last listing agent we had in here was right (although I think she was smoking meth with her figures and comps) but if that what it's going to take, then that's what we're going to do.  The husband has never before actually said the words that he's ready to go but a couple of weeks ago that changed and it made me very happy.

We're both going to start job searches now and see where that search leads.  I hope it takes us somewhere wonderful.  I'm ready to find a forever job and get a good retirement going.  That's my goal.  I want to find a good place to work, a good place to live with good neighbors and kids for my kids to play with.  We just want more.  Who doesn't. 

I still remain optimistic and I really hope that the universe continues to look out for us while we wade our way through this temporary river of financial muck.