Sunday, May 19, 2013


I need to get something off my chest.  My exceptionally freckled, semi wrinkled and sun worn chest.

It's a lazy Sunday in these parts.  The husband and kids are gone, the sun is shining, it's freaking 87 degrees outside.  FINALLY.

The thing I need to get off my chest as I set here wasting my afternoon away on Pinterest, which subsequently leads me on little blog walks.  Those walks lead me to the lives of people I don't know and am pretty sure I wouldn't really like in real life anyway.

These people are perfect.  They cook perfectly, they clean perfectly, their lives are perfectly organized in perfectly written blog posts and they have perfectly executed photographs of themselves to show us all how perfect they really are.

I'm sure this will be a shock to any readers I do have.  I am not perfect.

Today, as I sit home alone when I should be enjoying my time to myself, the usual thoughts run through my muddled brain.

First is money.  Always money.

Second is my weight.  This is where it gets really depressing...because our money woes aren't depressing enough, right? 

I always thought my weight issues are because I am lazy.  And love fried foods.  And live for carbs.

Today I was faced with a much harsher reality.  I'm not lazy.

Do you know how I know I'm not lazy?  Because when I got hungry I didn't go for the lazy woman's route of grabbing a yogurt or string cheese.  Instead I came across a recipe for eggless cookie dough you could just mix and eat that sounded too good to be true.

You already know how this ends.  I didn't do the 10 second chore of grabbing either of the previously mentioned foods.  I stood in that damn kitchen and took ten minutes to mix the eggless dough and had that instead.  At least I didn't eat all of it.  Yet.

I have two things I can take from this.  I can take away the knowledge that I'm really not lazy.  That's a relief, I was beginning to think I would have to break the habit of doing absolutely nothing around here. 

I'm completely dry of self control.  I wish this were the problem when it came to good things, like I wouldn't be able to stop myself from folding all of the laundry when it's clean or I would go crazy if I couldn't get that back corner of the fireplace mantle while dusting.

Nope.  It's 100% related to food.

Ugh.  Real life on my end of this blog is so not perfect.

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