Monday, January 16, 2012


We all have them.  We all do it.  Something reminds you of something else and before you know it you're staring glassy eyed at a pencil but all you're seeing is the Eiffel Tower or that pair of Louboutins.

I'm so sleepy lately that all I seem to do is daydream.  I'll daydream about hiking around Slovenia while cooking dinner.  I'll daydream about sunbathing on a beach while I'm folding laundry. 

Lately I've been daydreaming about my forever home.  I hope I can go home to my forever home some day soon.  I would love to build from scratch but I'm sure if I looked hard enough I would find one standing somewhere that would need minor changes. 

Hell, I don't even know where I want to end up.  I've had my eye on the Smoky Mountains for awhile now but I think I should visit before I decide to live there forever.  Who knows, maybe my heart will really be in New Mexico...or Montana...or in Boston...or on a beach in Florida.  Maybe I should just invest in one of those high tech ultra luxe RV's. 

I'm hoping you didn't show up at this blog today for anything deep or profound.  If so I apologize.  I'm still getting back into it and maybe someday I'll have something great to say that can resonate with the world. 

Today just isn't that day. 

I'm too busy trying not to turn into a cryogenic sample on my couch under these three blankets...and letting my mind take me places like Hawaii, Mexico, or Italy.....or even to the shoe store up the road...or even better, a new super capacity washer and dryer.  Man, now I'm getting excited. 

So on these cold, winter nights...let your mind go for a spin somewhere nice, or to the local appliance store.  It's' nice to just daydream every once in awhile.

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