Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year!

Another year has ended.  Another year has begun.

Every time this happens I do the usual and come up with a few resolutions.  I'm happy with my spot in life, happy with all the possibilities the new year can offer because I'm not yet resigned to the fact that most of them will end in failure and despair.

This year I am bound and determined to come up with something that I can stick with so I'm starting with just a few.

The first one is to just be healthy and active.  I'm going to turn down second helpings, exercise more, get out there and do some fun stuff with my kids (laser tag anyone?!), but if I want a piece of cake then I'm going to have a piece of cake damnit.

Second  I'm going to do what makes me happy.  I want to really focus on my camera more.  I love it.  It's almost an extension of me and because of that it's also been neglected for way too long.  It is my bliss.  It helps me capture things and people in my life that for either that second or forever are very important to me.  I'm going to get out there and drum up some business.  Who wouldn't want some free family portraits?

Last I'm going to try to cut negative people out of my life.  I'm going to go about this two different ways.  I'm going to do my best to make them a little happier or I'm just going to have to find a way to slowly cut them out.  I don't care how close they are to me.  I just feel I can't become the me I want to be if I'm surrounded by people that drag me down emotionally.  It's too hard.  It's like catching your line on seaweed but you don't want to lose your favorite lure so you keep pulling and tugging and refuse to cut that line and move on to the next one in the tackle box.

Also, I wish for the people in my life, great things.  Healthy families, happy times, strong friendships, and sound sleeps.

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  1. Great post! I think those three things sound wonderful to focus on this year. I want to be more active this year too. My word of the year is going to be DO. Second, your photos are amazing and I love looking at them so I hope you'll be posting more of them! Third, negative people NEED to be cut out. Kudos to you for doing that. It is hard but so worth it for YOUR mental health!
    Happy New Year Hooker!