Sunday, January 30, 2011

What the hell have YOU done with your life?

Someone I love very much said this to me yesterday.  We were talking about English, and the fact that this person is clueless and wouldn't be able to pass a junior high level paper assignment.  It was thrown right out there right out of the blue, "I went to college and got a four year degree, what the hell have YOU done with your life?" 

The gauntlet was thrown...I won't even mention that the degree referred to isn't anywhere near English and won't ever change the fact that they still suck at it.

At first I was shocked...then I was pissed.  Man, was I pissed, I was vibrating I was so mad.  Then I got to thinking....

What have I done with my life?  You know what, I've done a hell of a lot.

I had a baby all by myself with the help of some amazing friends and a few family members.
I had two more babies. 
I was married and divorced.
I was a stay at home mom.
I've taken my family on some fabulous trips.
I've taken myself on some fabulous trips.  (Hellooo Hawaii...twice.)
Married again.
I've owned a home.
I've lost a home.
I've had a lot of really fun jobs and one really lame one.
I've met a LOT of amazing people along the way.
I crossed a major want off my bucket list when I saw the Smithsonian and Lincoln Memorial.
I actually DID get a college degree, a 2 year one, but a degree nonetheless.
I started over from scratch with only the support of two people, they believed in me and that was all I needed.
I lost my grandparents.
I've helped remodel a home with my bare hands...and we're almost done.
I've nursed sick or injured kids.
I love every second of it. answer that assholes question...I've lived.  I wouldn't change a single second of it.

I should be asking them the same question.

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